Our cattery is devoted to our unique designer cats.  We work hard to maintain the Toyger Breed Standards, keep good track of our bloodlines, treat our kitties with love and respect and stand behind our health guarantees. 

All of our cats are genetically tested by Optimal Selection Feline Genetics and found to be free of all the genetic conditions they use to test felines. 

Yes, Jubal is balancing on the tip of the door!

We are located in the heart of Colorado,

at the foot of Pike's Peak

just outside Colorado Springs. 
This picture, taken from our deck, gives you an idea of one of the many reasons we enjoy "the Springs."

When enough time had passed after losing Jubal that I could think about a new kitten, my search began. Of course, I wanted another Bengal, but then I stumbled upon a picture of a Toyger. That's all it took...one picture...and it was LOVE at first sight. The more I learned about the Toyger's unique tiger-like characteristics, and their lovable personalities, the greater my desire grew to be involved in this unique breeding program.  (And then there is my passion for tigers...just in case you were wondering why they have their own page.)

Thus was born...Jubalkatz, our purebred Toyger cattery.

As a registered member of Online Breeders with TICA (The International Cat Association), we have signed and adhere to the TICA Code of Ethics   

We are proud members of the TOYGER CATS USA BREEDER GROUP.

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Our cattery is dedicated to the memory of Jubal, our beloved Bengal boy.

 He is greatly missed!