"Cat Show Fever"
I went to my first cat show with my new Toyger kitten, Jazzy, a few years ago. Needless to say, I got "show fever,"... just fell in love with the people, the judges, and the adrenaline rush as I waited to see if my kitty had been chosen in the "Top Ten." If you've never been to a cat show, then I'll explain a little about it.
Usually the show will consist of 6 to 12 rings depending on the size of the show and lasts about 2 days. Each ring has a separate judge and each cat entered has the opportunity to show in every ring. The cats are judged in different categories:
Kitten Class (ages  4 to 8 months old)
Champion Cat Class
Alter Class
Household Pet Class

At the end of the initial judging in that ring, the judge chooses and displays numbers of the top 10 cats that they chose which most represented the  breed's standards.  Then the adrenaline hits us cat exhibitors  as we look to see if our cat's number made the cut. If it did, we  go through another stress-filled few minutes and watch as the judges start with cat number 10. Then announce #9...8...you get the picture. When your kitty is potentially  1st or 2nd  choice, ...oh my! Now you know why I say I have "show fever!"
LOVE to get ribbons!! Cats earn their championship titles by the ribbons and points they earn in the rings.

To Show or not to Show? 

Most of the Toyger cat breeders I work with  show their kitties. In my humble opinion, I believe that  showing is an important part of cat breeding.  Only cats representing the proper breed standards are going to become champions.  And  what breeder wouldn't  want to breed champions?

Yes, it is a big expense for entry fees,  travel,  show cages, etc., but in the end I derive a great deal of satisfaction being able to present most the Toygers in my cattery as Champions of one degree or another.  


Cat Shows

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