The very first picture of a Toyger that I ever laid eyes on....(and at that moment I was hooked) was of Jet on the Lake Mountain Toyger site.  How amazing is it that this first Toyger I ever saw , is now a part of our cattery?   I still marvel at how events took place!!

Jet with Judge Toni Meisberger

Jet has distinctive dark striping on his thick, highly glittered coat.  His hooded green eyes, broad nose and strong chin all more than meet the Toyger breed standards.  His "meow" is low and gutteral, reminicent of a tiger's growl. Best of all, is his gentle and loving personality.  He adores being cuddled and purrs loud and long.

2016 2nd Best Toyger of the year in South Central Region 


‚ÄčJet is a Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion