Toyger Breed Information

History of the Toyger Breed....

history begins with the Bengal breed, developed by Jean Mill.  Bengals look like miniature leopards.  So, in the late 1980’s, her daughter, Judy Sugden, started her development of the Toyger breed.  (…well we also need a tiger look-alike, right?) In 1993 a few breeders approached The International Cat Association Genetics Registry for recognition as a preliminary new breed, which was granted.  Then in 2007, TICA gave Toygers championship status and they were eligible for cat show awards.  

TICA Toyger Breed Standard                         As breeders, we rely on the Toyger Breed Standard  when determining if a kitten is more "show quality" or more "pet quality."  And of course this is how I determine  the price of each kitten.   Below is a link to that standard if you are interested.

Other Toyger information can be found on the additional links provided at the bottom of this page. has an article worth reading. The Toygers on that page are Teddy and Jade!!

Another interesting piece about Toygers can be found on the  
PRETTY LITTER site entitled: Toy Tigers: Why Toyger Cats Are in Demand.

But again, the very best source for Toyger traits is their "Breed Standard" from TICA, The International Cat Association.

What Does a Toger  Cat Look Like?

The Toyger is medium sized, short haired domestic cat that looks like a toy tiger.            Toy + Tiger = Toyger

 This domestic cat does not have a drop of tiger blood! Their most striking  traits are their  tiger stripes.   The vertical stripes are darker against a lighter background and unique to each Toyger.  Short, silky fur, usually glittered, causes them to “glisten” in sunlight.  

Breed Standard

Please...Choose a reputable breeder.   If you can't find what you are looking for with Jubalkatz, check out our breeder group called Toyger Cats USA (TCUSA). We work hard to maintain the Toyger breed standards, keep good track of our bloodlines, treat our kitties with love and respect and stand behind our health guarantees. By mentoring each other, we continue to improve our unique cats and share Toyger information. 

What is the Toyger's Personality?           To me, the Toyger’s personality is their most endearing quality. Much care as gone  into preserving of their temperament, which sets them apart from the typical cat…that is…if it is nurtured.  Of course every Toyger is unique so this description fits most of the breed, and must certainly be fostered by their owners. By nature, Toygers love to be with people and are very trainable.  But, just like with any animal or even a child, if training is made fun it makes all the difference.  AND a sincere effort needs to be made to bond with your new Toyger.  They have the potential to  learn to fetch, walk on a leash, become a therapy kitty…on and on.  If you travel, they will enjoy traveling with you!  They can adopt your lifestyle with ease whether it is a busy multiple-pet home,  a single person home or condo dwelling, they will love to be with you.  Bonding is the key, and I hope you will take advantage of the potential in your new Toyger.  I would love to visit with you about techniques that can help…if you are interested. 

Toyger Cats